Can you use acrylic paint on nails

Acrylic paint is a type of water-based paint that is not as thick as oil-based paints. Acrylics can be used on many surfaces, including wood and glass, but they are also commonly used to paint nails!
Can you use acrylic paint on nails

acrylic paint folk art Up till 3 months ago I had actually never ever made use of acrylic paints for nailart. I really did not also recognize that was a choice. When a fellow nailartist suggested I provide them a go I went to the regional art store as well as purchased a couple of tubes of acrylic paint by folkArt – a red, blue, yellow, black as well as white – as well as went residence to attempt them out.

I could not truly see why they would certainly make any kind of distinction, I was hopping on simply great with nail varnish as well as nailart pens besides, yet I’m constantly eager to attempt brand-new strategies, as well as this was one I’m absolutely thankful I did.

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What I uncovered completely changed my experience of nailart.

1. Waste not, desire not

Making use of nail varnish, I was usually unwilling to attempt an elaborate style as I recognized just how much gloss I would certainly squander – putting out percentages of varnish onto a combination and after that making use of a small brush or populating device to move the proper quantity of paint to my nail. I recognized I required to function quick as the gloss would certainly dry out so quick on the combination, transforming thick as well as gloopy as well as would certainly as a result require constant leading ups.

Contrast this situation to making use of acrylic paint – you press some out onto a combination as well as it remains the ideal uniformity for over a hr, enabling you to operate at your very own speed. If it does begin to run out, simply include a percentage of water to slim it out.

2. See your real colours

With acrylic paints you can blend the specific colour you desire effortlessly as well as precision – gorgeous light tones by including white, dirty colours by including the contrary tone – the opportunities are limitless.

colour wheel

3. The very best error you’ve ever before made

Have you ever before done a style as well as needed to begin throughout once more after slipping up – fastidiously reapplying your skim coat as well as 2 layers of your history colour? Well if you can make the residential properties of varnish as well as polymer help you, you will not need to once more. Repaint your skim coat as well as history colour with nail varnish as well as do your in-depth style in polymers, as well as any kind of mistakes with the acrylic paint can be rubbed out with water as well as will not distress the varnish.

4. Pure concentrate

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When doing a slope or ombre with nail varnish, you usually require to use 3 of 4 layers to see the splendor of the colours. With acrylic paint, simply swabbing one layer of colour provides you a solid, dynamic as well as quicker coating.

Rainbow Gradient Nails

5. No playing around

Every woman recognizes just how discouraging it can be waiting on nails to completely dry. Well, with acrylic paint, though it dries out gradually on a combination, it dries out virtually quickly on your nails! Along with the evident advantage of being out the door not long after paint, one more plus is that if you slip up you can repaint directly over it as well as it does not create a thicker area that after that takes also much longer to completely dry. It likewise implies that if there is a 2nd or 3rd component of the style which calls for sticking striping tape onto your nail, you need not await an age prior to using it.

Illusion stripe nails

6. Inexpensive as well as joyful

Polymer paint is a great deal less costly than nail varnish as well as goes a lot additionally also, plus with the choices of colours you can blend, there’s no demand to hand over for all the various tones.

7. It will not obtain under your skin

When doing a slope with nail varnish it can be an outright birthed to attempt as well as eliminate any kind of that winds up on your skin.


When making use of acrylic paints nonetheless, after using leading layer to your nails, you can just wash your hands as well as any kind of water based acrylic paint that took place your skin will certainly clean straight off.

8. To cover it off

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Not just does acrylic paint completely dry very rapidly, yet after placing a typical leading layer on your nails to secure in your style, the leading layer will certainly dry out much quicker also. You might require to utilize a couple of layers of leading layer nonetheless, specifically when making use of light tones, as acrylic paint isn’t fairly as durable as nail varnish, yet if secured in properly, your style can still last approximately a week. And also an added number of layers of leading layer is a tiny cost to spend for fast as well as striking styles.

My strategy

So those are the advantages of making use of acrylic paint – yet where to begin?

Right here’s some suggestions on 10 Devices for Nailart with Polymer Paint which describes what devices you’ll require as well as where you can acquire it.

Currently for the technique …

When making use of acrylic paint I will certainly constantly place on a clear skim coat, complied with by 2 layers of white nail varnish. This resembles canvas prep work. It gives a nontransparent background as well as will certainly make the colours of the acrylic paint attract attention as well as appear brighter. I have actually attempted making use of simply white acrylic paint as the history yet it appeared also transparent. Depending upon my style, I will certainly occasionally place a layer of white acrylic paint over both layers of white nail varnish to ensure that my canvas dries out quicker, as it will certainly indicate I can begin repainting a style or sticking striping tape over my nails straightaway.

Have a look at my Love Nails Tutorial to see acrylic paints at work.


I really hope that’s assisted clarify why acrylic paints are so essential to nailart. Allow me recognize if you choose to provide a go as well as just how you jump on.

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