Steal Their Look: EXO Hairstyles in ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ MV

Steal Their Look: EXO Hairstyles in ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling’ MV

EXO’s ‘Don’ t Battle The Really feeling’ most recent video screams summertime bop, as well as I’m quite certain EXO- L fandom are obtaining their boogie on as well as delighted concerning their resurgence.

The main video was launched on SMTOWN YouTube Network on June 7, as well as it’s currently gathered near to 40 million sights. This notes the team’s main resurgence because November 2019, in addition to a five-track unique cd that lugs the exact same name as the title track.

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Pictures by SMTOWN.

There is even more to it! Do Not Deal With The Really feeling is a welcome back celebration for 2 EXO participants, Xiumin as well as D.O., that have actually finished their required army solution, as well as Lay re-joined after last joining Exo’s ‘Don’ t Ruin My Pace’ cd in 2018.

Chanyeol as well as Baekhyun has actually taken place respite, as they employed in the army after participating in the cd prep work.

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Many substantially, the young boys all sporting activity a fresh brand-new hairstyle that the EXO-L have actually stated their love for. As a matter of fact, we make certain the namja followers are currently intending to alter their hairdos to end up being like Kai, Chanyeol, D.O., Sehun Baekhyun, Xiumin as well as Lay.

Orange is the New Black

Kai constantly shocks us with something brand-new every resurgence. He has actually done speculative hairdos prior to yet from what I learnt through the followers, it’s the very first time he has actually colored it orange Well, I can not reject he looks warm as well as adorable at the exact same time.

Glossy Back Hair

Absolutely nothing can potentially fail with slicked back hair as it appropriates for official and even sportswear. All you require is pomade, as well as you can accomplish Sehun’s appearance, which I make certain will certainly make your sweetheart or other half go cray cray (in an excellent way).

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Sehun. Pictures by SMTOWN.

Undercut Hair

With his trademark undercut hairdo, Lay constantly increases to the event. From my monitoring, The EXO-L concurs that he looks excellent despite exactly how he designs it.

Grey Silverish Hair

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Chanyeol’s grey hair transcends, as well as the undercut makes it much more exceptional. The 2nd participant to sporting activity intense hair color in Do not Battle The Really feeling, the followers enjoy the outcome.

Drape Cut

Our prima donna, Baekhyun, is having a drape reduced minute, as well as it will not also head out of area after doing that spin in the video clip. His hair development has actually been loaded with pastel as well as colours, as well as his black hair this time around notes a considerable, amazing distinction.

Comma Hair

The initial individual to begin vocal singing in the video, D.O. records your heart with his comma hairdo. Constantly with his much-loved colour, you would seldom see him colouring his hair, other than in video clips Ko Ko Bop as well as Grumble.

Parted Bangs

With split bangs as well as a solitary hair of hair, Xiumin makes the entire appearance ideal. Yet the followers are much more ecstatic concerning his mullet hair, as well as currently I recognize why his hair on the back is a little bit lengthy, it’s to offer EXO-L with memories of Minseok’s age.

So, are you a follower of EXO’s hairdos in their most current video? Share your ideas @myeppo. authorities on Instagram.

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