How To Do A Girls Basic Haircut At Home

Hi there! I'm a girl who enjoys cutting hair and I want to share with you some of my tips for how to cut hair.
How To Do A Girls Basic Haircut At Home

Now, we are all creating abilities we never ever assumed we would certainly also think about attempting- as well as in fact obtaining respectable at them. Reducing your kid’s hair might quite possibly be among them! At Cozy’s Cuts For Youngsters, we have actually been reducing youngsters’ hair for 25+ years (over 1 Million Haircuts!), as well as delighted to share some ideas with you on exactly how to do it in the house. Below are detailed guidelines from my publication, Cozy’s Full Overview to Women’ Hair in addition to a brief, yet described, video clip we shot a couple of years earlier, with detailed instructions for doing a lady’s hairstyle in the house. You might be amazed at exactly how excellent you are!

What you’ll require:

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  • Buy an excellent set of hair reducing scissors. Ideal alternatives have actually directed blades as well as are 5 1/2 -6 inches in size. Never ever utilize manicure scissors or normal scissors, which will certainly trigger a misaligned cut). Right here’s an instance of an excellent scissor salon supply A
  • Smock or cape
  • Paper, trash can or non reusable plastic table linen for the flooring for less complicated clean-up
  • Wide tooth & & Fine-tooth comb (however you can manage with simply one if you do not have both)
  • Spray container with water
  • A couple of butterfly clips for sectioning
  • diversions to maintain kid busy/still. EXTREMELY ESSENTIAL!


  • Cover your kid with an art smock or old tee
  • Stay clear of the bath tub for your reducing place (as well unsafe). Instead, rest kid in a chair with a disturbance (video clip, tablet computer, publication, and so on)
  • Do it each time when you will not be hurried
  • While hair is completely dry, choose just how much size you intend to remove (hair is constantly much longer when damp)
  • Damp or Dry hair? I favor reducing damp hair, as it is much less unsafe as well as less complicated to handle, hence it will certainly be extra exact

Exactly How to:

Beginning with the bangs (for blunt bangs just)

Action 1: Making use of a wide-tooth comb, component hair down the center

Action 2: Haze hair gently with water as well as brush with to eliminate tanglessalon supply A

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Action 3: Step along the component concerning an inch from the hairline as well as utilize the fine-tooth comb to draw the line from that factor of the hairline at the external side of one brow, developing a triangle-shaped area of hair (see pic # 1) Clip this area far from the remainder as well as repeat beyond of the component. Clip the remainder of the hair far from these 2 bang areas. If your kid’s hair is great, you might intend to begin 1/2 inch from the hairline as opposed to a complete inch.

Action 4: Brush both bang areas of hair right down before the face.

Tip 5: With your fingers, different the facility inch of the bang as well as quiet towards the nose in between Bang trim How to 1 your reminder as well as center fingers simply listed below the brows. Do not turn it; make sure to hold it freely, not tight, or it will certainly be as well brief after you sufficed. Make use of the staying fingers to work as a guard behind the hair strands (along the temple), as security in case she makes any kind of unexpected actions, Inform the kid to shut her eyes, so she does not obtain hair in them. With the various other hand, hold the scissor right as well as trim simply listed below your fingers.

Bang trim How to 1 Action 6: Repeat this procedure with the area of bang on either side of the facility one, making use of the size of the facility area as your overview. Make sure to draw the hair right down, not at an angle towards the facility, or you’ll wind up with bent bangs.

Action 7: Examine bangs after they completely dry as well as repair if required

Note: For wispier bangs, after cutting making use of guidelines over, hold the bangs concerning an inch from completions in between your reminder as well as center fingers. With the various other hand, hold thee scissors vertical to the side of the hair, as well as utilize simply the ideas to trim little v-shaped areas concerning 1/8 inch right into the bangs. This will certainly make them a little rugged.

Currently for the hairstyle! These guidelines are proper for right, wavy or curly hair that’s one size throughout.

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Action 1: Haze hair as well as brush with to detangle. Area hair as revealed. The lower areas will certainly act as your overview. As soon as you reduced the hair to size, you will certainly match all various other area sizes to it.

Action 2: Make sure the kid is overlooking, with her eyes on her knees, chin somewhat down. This is particularly Bang trim how to 2 1 essential for ladies that have lengthy hair. Doing this will certainly make sure the most effective cutting angle as well as maintain the lower layer from being longer than the leading layer. Maintaining her head in one setting throughout will certainly likewise make sure an also reduced. Comb a tiny area of hair at the component (roughly an inch in size) as well as hold it in between your reminder as well as center finger right over the size you intend to eliminate. Hold the scissors right as well as the hair tight, after that assist the blades of the scissor straight under your fingers as you cut.

Bang trim how to 2 1 Action 3: Making use of the size of this facility area as an overview, function your escape on either side of it, dividing as well as reducing tiny areas of hair similarly so they all match the size of the very first area

Action 4: As soon as you’re done reducing both lower areas, area out 1 inch of hair along all-time low of the areas still in the clips as well as proceed reducing in similarly, 1-inch area by 1-inch area, till all hair is cut. Bang trimn how to 3 For every brand-new area, brush the hair, after that sufficed to match the size of the very first area. Brush the side areas right down towards the flooring, not back behind the ears, as well as match the size of the back areas. Keep in mind: If reducing curly hair- beware of shrinking! Curly hair will certainly jump up much shorter than you approximate- as long as 3 inches- when you cut it.

The bright side is that the one point you can rely on is that hair expands back! If you slip up, immaterial … Make sure to send/post images & & video clips as well as do not neglect to identify @cozyscutsforkids!

All the best as well as remain secure!

picture credit history: @alexandragrablewski as well as @artisan_books from COZY’S TOTAL OVERVIEW TO LADIES’ HAIR.

Cozy Friedman

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