How to cut hair in a long bob

How to cut hair in a long bob? That is the question many girls ask themselves when they decide to make the switch from their long locks to a short, chic hairstyle. The process of cutting hair can be intimidating for some, but
How to cut hair in a long bob

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How to Cut Your Own Hair It’s been a bit because I did my last Just how to Cut Your Hair Tutorial so when I began considering going with a much shorter, spring-time cut I understood I needed to share the procedure with you right here. My hair had actually obtained truly scraggly and also slim (postpartum loss of hair is not great, btw) because I had the child and also it was most definitely not a charming appearance.

I have actually seen numerous attractive, long, rough bobs on Pinterest recently so those were my ideas. I additionally understood I wished to maintain my hair enough time to draw back right into a braid since allow’s be sincere, having a little child around ways high-maintenance hair is simply not gon na function!

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This hairdo has actually wound up being the excellent mix of my demands: very easy to reduce, the rough appearance I was going with while additionally permitting me to maintain my side brushed up bangs. This lengthy bob hairstyle hair cut was easy to achieve, the hairdo looks brightened by including a couple of warm rollersHow to Cut Your Own Hair (I utilized those for my hair in the above image), and also my hair can still be drawn back right into a braid so the child can not draw it like he suches as to do.

Allow’s start!

A couple of points to remember:

  • Remain calmness!:-RRB- Reducing your hair, specifically for the very first time can really feel type of frightening. It’s truly just frightening the very first time you do it. Simply keep in mind, if you entirely jack up your hair you can constantly go obtain it cut/fixed by a professional however at the very least you have a shot at conserving substantial cash if you attempt reducing it on your own.
  • Much like anything, method, method, method! If you’re not delighted with the outcomes the first time you can constantly trim even more to craft the ‘do you DO want. Opt for a longer version of the cut you want so you can have some wiggle room for adjustments.
  • Think ahead. If you have a big event coming up maybe cutting your hair yourself for the first time *might* not be the best idea. My mom always says, “Bring a tried and true dish to parties, not something you’ ve never ever made prior to.” Generally, you do not intend to try a brand-new dish or in this instance, a brand-new hairstyle, if you’re uncertain it’s mosting likely to function.
  • Perfectionists need not use. I can inform you from experience, reducing your very own hair can be an adventure.;-RRB- Occasionally the hair is a smidgen much longer on one side than the various other, and also often points do not go as prepared. “Mistakes” and/or “imperfections” are the name of the reducing your very own hair video game, specifically initially.


  • Hair cut ideas – Having a strategy is crucial, in this way you will not be making points up as you go.
  • Hair Reducing Scissorshow to cut your own hair before after – Among the very best points you can do for your do it yourself hairstyle is to obtain a set of actual hair-cutting shears. In the last haircutting tutorial I utilized craft scissors and also ever since I have actually obtained legitimate, sharp scissors that are made especially for hair, and also they have actually made the largest distinction!
  • Mirror – To examine the rear of your hair.
  • Great Tooth Comb – I enjoy utilizing the sharp end of this comb to clean components. Something regarding a sharp component truly takes a hairdo to the following degree.
  • Hair connections or clips for sectioning off the hair.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

The prior to and also after.

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How to Cut Your Own Hair

1. I such as to reduce my hair completely dry so I can see the development I have actually made. If you intend to reduce your hair damp after that consider that when it dries it will certainly reduce up.

2. Choose the length of time you would certainly like your hair to be.

3. Separate your hair right into 2 areas. Draw the areas over your shoulders, and also placed hair connections right over the size you desire your hair to be. If you have much shorter hair than I started with after that simply do a changed variation with clips as opposed to the utilizing the pigtail approach that I did.

How to Cut Your Own Hair How to Cut Your Own Hair azbeauty.topHow to Cut Your Own Hair

4. Take a deep breath and also begin reducing! Given that I desired an uneven lengthy bob I reduced straight throughout for this first cut. If you do not desire candid ends like I did after that reduced right into the hair at 11:00 or 2:00 angles, depending upon what instructions you’re coming with the hair from.

5. Do the opposite.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

6. Next off, draw the hair right into a reduced braid and also clip off the factor. By clipping off the factor you’re getting rid of the V form. If you desire the V form in the at that time miss this action.

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How to Cut Your Own Hair

7. Improve your cut by cutting completions, and also reduce any kind of items that are oddly long. While I began with a straight throughout blunt cut I did the refining cuts at the 11:00 or 2:00 angle so I have a mix of softer angles and also blunt sides. If you reduced at the angle instead of straight throughout the hair will certainly look far better as it expands out.

How to Cut Your Own Hair How to Cut Your Own Hair 8. Currently it’s time to do the front of your hair. Utilize your comb to smooth and also correct the alignment of the front area of hair that will certainly mount your face. Utilize your fingers to develop a straight line and afterwards clip the hair under your fingers once again with the 11:00/ 2:00 angle.

How to Cut Your Own Hair azbeauty.topHow to Cut Your Own Hair

9. Fluff, after that have a look at the rear of your head and also correct the alignment of up/clean up any kind of locations that require a little tweaking. If after you shower you discover your hair requires a bit extra changing after that cut it up. I finished up doing that with my cut up until I obtained it simply. I simply clipped a little at once and also maintained examining it out to see exactly how it was looking as I went.

10. You did it! Congratulations!

Do you believe you’ll be attempting a homemade hairstyle? If you currently reduce your hair on your own do you have any kind of ideas that you can include?

Many Thanks to Aaron for taking the photos!


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