How to do a puff on short natural hair

Short natural hair is easier to style than long hair. Short hair doesn't need as much product and can be styled with a few simple steps.
How to do a puff on short natural hair

African American lady with natural hair afro puffs drinking coffee wearing a white sweater

Do you ever before ask yourself just how your all-natural hair crush obtains her ideal afro smokes? We wager you do!

Afro smokes have actually been around for a very long time, most significantly in the 1960s.

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Given that one of the most current all-natural hair activity began several years back, afro smokes have actually turned into one of one of the most cherished all-natural hairdos of all as well as it remains to be preferred amongst black ladies.

There are numerous subtleties to this lovely design, as well as if you’re thinking of attempting it out, you remain in the ideal area.

In this write-up, we will certainly inform you everything about just how to do afro smokes. We’ll provide you detailed guidelines together with handy suggestions that you can make use of to make the procedure simple!


  • 1 What Are Afro Puffs?
  • 2 Exactly How to Do Afro Puffs
    • 2.1 Gather Your Materials
    • 2.2 Laundry, Problem, as well as Moisturize Your Hair
    • 2.3 Stretch Your Hair
    • 2.4 Comb Your Hair Out
    • 2.5 Component as well as Collect Your Hair Up
    • 2.6 Tame Your Hair
    • 2.7 Establish the Design
    • 2.8 Forming the Puffs
  • 3 Obtain Additional Quantity in Your Afro Smoke Design
    • 3.1 Exactly How to Make Use Of a Fake Afro Smoke
    • 3.2 Useful Hair Add-on as well as Products for Afro Puffs
    • 3.3 Associated Articles
  • 4 Dos as well as Do n’ts of All-natural Hair Afro Puffs

What Are Afro Puffs?

For anybody that isn’t mindful, afro smokes are a design in which the hair is safeguarded right into 2 or even more horse smokes. The smokes are typically fairly big as well as positioned on both sides of the head.

The idea of comparison is important to afro smokes. The smokes are distinctive as well as complimentary, while the hair near the scalp is streamlined as well as tame.

Afro smokes are not to be puzzled with normal curly braids. Afro smokes have a definitely puffy appearance.

Keep in mind that putting on a solitary afro smoke that’s focused (i.e., in the center of an individual’s head) is additionally a preferred variant of this hairdo.

African American female wearing an afro puff style on her naturally curly hair

Exactly How to Do Afro Puffs

When it pertains to producing afro smokes, there are numerous ins as well as outs that you need to know. This area will certainly load you know the simplest means to produce an afro smoke.

Gather Your Materials

Prior to you start, you’ll require materials. At a minimum, you will certainly require the following:

  • Comb
  • Select
  • Brush
  • Gel
  • Side Control
  • Hair connections, bows, or a big headband
  • Silk headscarf

As you collect your materials, a wide-tooth comb is liked, as it will certainly slide via your hair without much resistance. A conventional comb might take out a significant quantity of hair as you draw it via.

To maintain your sides, make use of the softest boar bristle brush that you can locate. The much less drawing on your sides, the far better. An alcohol-free gel will certainly provide you hold without drying out your hairs.

Ultimately, sleekness is vital for this design, so an excellent side control gel with very hold is a must!

Black girl sitting on the floor using a laptop wearing the perfect afro puff hairstyle

Laundry, Problem, as well as Moisturize Your Hair

Similar To with any kind of various other all-natural hairdo, you’ll require to prepare your hair prior to you begin styling. The complying with areas will certainly inform you precisely just how to obtain your hair prepared for styling.


You can do afro smokes on unwashed hair, however the procedure will certainly be less complicated on tidy hair. Laundry your hair with a sulfate-free hair shampoo. A sulfate hair shampoo can make your hair incredibly completely dry.


After cleaning, problem or deep problem your hair. If you intend on maintaining your hair in the smoke for numerous days, you might intend to choose a deep conditioner over a common rinse-out conditioner.

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After you use your conditioner or deep conditioner, detangle your hair with either your fingers or a comb. This reduces the quantity of detangling you might require to do later on.


While you do not intend to have hefty items on your hair when doing afro smokes, your hair ought to still be hydrated. Ensure that you make use of a light-weight cream to ensure that your hair will not be born down.

Stretch Your Hair

The young black lady taking a selfie with two puffs on thick, curly short hair

After collecting every one of your materials as well as preparing your hair, it’s time to begin styling! The very first step in producing afro smokes is to extend your hair.

This action is optional, however it provides your smokes a lot more quantity. If you do not desire to extend your hair, after that you can avoid this action.

To extend your hair, attempt among the complying with techniques:


  • Make use of a comb or your fingers to split your hair right into numerous areas (2 or even more areas will certainly suffice). Relying on the density as well as size of your hair, you might require to split even more areas.
  • Pigtail each area to completions.
  • Protect completions with a braid owner if essential.
  • Enable your hair to completely dry entirely.
  • Take the pigtails down.

French pigtails

  • Component your hair from front to back (2 or even more areas will certainly suffice).
  • French pigtail each area. The variety of pigtails you produce depends on you. Visit this site for a french intertwining tutorial.
  • Enable your hair to completely dry entirely.
  • Take the pigtails down.



  • Place your hair in 2 low-side braids.
  • Cover braid owners, or a big elastic band, around the size of your hair consistently till you reach completions. View the video clip over by My All-natural Sistas for a demo.
  • Enable your hair to completely dry entirely.
  • Take the bands off.


If you intend to make use of a fast approach to extend your hair, you can coiffure it. You can make use of the “cool” setup on your impact clothes dryer to decrease warmth use.

If you remain in a thrill as well as favor to utilize your impact clothes dryer on complete warmth, do not fail to remember to make use of a warm protectant.

The objective is not to obtain the hair bone directly, simply extend it out a little.

Comb Your Hair Out

Cute African American female wearing thicker puffs on her natural curls

The following action is to brush your hair out. This is one more optional action. If you do not desire your hair to be in a 100% afro-like state, you can leave it as is.

Nevertheless, if you desire your hair to be in an appropriate afro smoke, this action is non-negotiable.

Making use of a wide-tooth comb, brush your hair out of finishes to origins

It is very important not to begin at the origin due to the fact that this can boost your danger of damage. Proceed brushing till the comb slides reasonably quickly via your hairs.

Component as well as Collect Your Hair Up

When your hair is completely detangled, component it right into 2 or even more areas. Take your time as you split your hair, specifically if you desire your components to be tidy.

Collect your hair up right into braids as well as safeguard them with scrunchies. Take care not to connect your hair as well limited. If you do, you might create irritating signs like frustrations as well as grip alopecia.

Tame Your Hair

Your smokes need to be wild as well as complimentary, however the remainder of your hair need to be streamlined as well as glossy. To obtain your sides to set as well as act, use a gel to the hair leading up to the braids.

You can additionally include side control to the hair around your hairline as well as at the neck of your neck. Utilize your brush to disperse both the gel as well as side control uniformly as well as smooth your hair down.

Pro idea: Be mild as you use the side control to your sides. Make use of an extremely soft bristle tooth brush for optimum innovative control without the roughness.

Establish the Design

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After you have actually done all that job to tame your sides, take another action to make the design last all the time.

Connect a headscarf around your hairline to squash as well as establish your design. You might intend to avoid this component, however connecting your hair down will certainly aid squash roaming hairs as well as maintain your hair slicker for a longer time period.

You do not need to leave the headscarf on all the time to obtain excellent outcomes. Leaving it on for simply 3 to 5 mins can make a huge distinction in the design’s durability.

Forming the Puffs

If your smokes are not currently in a puffball form, after that it’s time to form them.

You can do this by carefully picking the hair and afterwards utilizing your hand to mold and mildew your hair right into a sphere. A lot of the moment, all you require to do is utilize your hands to form your hair.

Sometimes, you might have extended your hair excessive, creating your hair to stand on end. To obtain your hair to appear like the form of puffballs, haze your hair with water from a spray container.

You should not saturate your hair, as this will certainly trigger your hair to change to its all-natural state. A really light haze of water might be all that you require to make your hair flexible sufficient to form right into puffballs.

Utilize your wide-tooth comb as required when forming.

Lady drinking coffee at breakfast wearing a flat twist style on kinky hair

Obtain Additional Quantity in Your Afro Smoke Design

In some cases you have actually reached phony it till you make it! There are numerous fake afro smokes on the marketplace for anybody that intends to include added quantity as well as style to their afro smokes.

Drawstring afro smokes are either artificial or 100% all-natural wigs that you can connect to your hair through a drawstring system.

Right here are a number of top notch drawstring afro smokes that you can locate on the internet:

  • Human Hair Afro Smoke – This is a 6-inch afro smoke that you can locate on These smokes are made from Brazilian human hair. Several clients concur that the hair is soft, glossy, as well as does not drop exceedingly. It includes clips for safety. If you are doing dual afro smokes, see to it that you get 2 of these.
  • Artificial Afro Smoke – This is one more 6-inch afro smoke from This afro smoke is made from artificial hair. It has clips for safety as well as is available in numerous shades, like honey blonde, brownish, red, as well as grey.

Exactly How to Make Use Of a Fake Afro Smoke

A fake smoke wears if you do not recognize just how to utilize it! In the complying with checklist, you’ll locate detailed guidelines on just how to make use of a drawstring afro smoke add-on:

  • Promptly after placing your hair right into braids, twirl your all-natural hair around itself till it appears like a little round.
  • Safe and secure each all-natural hair round with hairpin or braid owners.
  • Area the afro smoke add-on in addition to among the all-natural hair rounds as well as draw the drawstring to tighten up. Break the clips onto your all-natural hair if your fake afro smoke has them. If you would certainly such as added safety, you can make use of hairpins to safeguard it even more.

Useful Hair Add-on as well as Products for Afro Puffs

Beautiful black woman using her computer on the bedroom floor

Having the ideal items is vital when doing afro smokes. If your braid owners are as well tiny, your hair might damage ideal via them.

There are numerous items on the marketplace that are commonly made use of for this design. Review some handy items for afro smokes listed below:

  • Stretchy Head Cover – Whether your hair is lengthy as well as lush or succinct, a flexible headband can be your best buddy. Rather than attempting to fit every one of your hair right into tiny braid owners, you can make use of elastic headbands.
  • Ouchless Hair Ties – The hair connections you make use of issue! Some hair connection devices are made with a steel closure, which can grab as well as damage your hairs. Rather than utilizing these, grab Ouchless Hair connections, which have no steel. You can additionally look for “no-snag ties.” One dimension helps basically every smoke dimension!
  • Bunzee Bands – Afro smokes have the possible to draw your hair as well as trigger frustrations. You can stop this by utilizing soft-hold bands. Bunzee Bands safeguard your braids without offering you a frustration. One dimension fits all!

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Dos as well as Do n’ts of All-natural Hair Afro Puffs

Lady wearing a white sweater while eating ice cream from a bowl

The procedure of doing afro smokes is reasonably simple, however there is still space for blunders. If you intend to produce attractive afro smokes whenever, after that review this area on the dos as well as do n’ts for this design.


  • Laundry your hair prior to styling. Any kind of accumulation or particles will certainly be quickly seen in your smoke if your hair is unclean.
  • Detangle your hair prior to placing it up in a braid. If you do not detangle your hair ahead of time, it might be testing to produce a consistent smoke.
  • Cut your hair if required. Scraggly finishes can make your smoke appearance irregular despite just how much you choose it out as well as form it.
  • Hold your horses. It might take a couple of shots to obtain the puffball form right, so hold your horses as well as maintain attempting.

Do n’ts

  • Be harsh when detangling. If you do not take your time as well as be mild while picking or detangling your hair, it can wind up harmed.
  • Placed excessive item on your hair. Afro smokes need to be soft as well as flexible, as opposed to rigid as well as tough. Attempt not to place as well much item on your hair. Beginning with a little as well as include a little bit a lot more as essential.

Currently you recognize all you require to learn about producing afro smokes. We really hope that this write-up is handy to you as you seek smoke excellence.


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