How to do gel acrylic nails | AZBeauty

Gel acrylic nails are a modernized version of the classic French manicure. They use a gel-like substance that is applied to the nail and cured under a UV light. This process makes them more durable than traditional acrylic nails, which
How to do gel acrylic nails | AZBeauty

Whether or not you are new to nail polish and need to discover the choices, otherwise you need to discover a longer-lasting polish components, a gel manicure may be what you are in search of.

In comparison with common nail polish, gel is understood to be extremely long-lasting and but, in contrast to acrylics (or pretend nails), it’s nonetheless a liquid components that’s utilized on to your pure nail.

If you wish to attempt gel nails however do not know the place to begin, this information will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on the best way to apply gel polish.

We have collected all of the provides you want to fill up on, the manicurist-recommended steps for the most effective software, and a few distinctive methods to customise your gel nails. Right here’s what you’ll be taught:

  • What you want to apply gel nail polish at residence
  • How you can apply gel nail polish: Step-by-step
  • Gel nail polish after care
  • How you can apply gel polish on acrylic nails
  • How you can apply nail ideas with gel overlay
  • How you can apply nail decals over gel polish

What you want to apply gel nail polish at residence

nail art manicureSupply: Pixabay

First, the provides. Gel nail polish software requires many instruments you in all probability have already got in your at-home nail polish package, however with a few vital additions.

UV/LED lamp

hand in uv cure lamp

A UV/LED curing lamp is among the most vital instruments for immaculate gel nails but additionally one of many extra distinctive elements of the method. Let’s get into why it’s mandatory.

“Curing” is a time period that refers back to the technique of drying gel nails. The chemical response activated by the sunshine supply rapidly dries your nails in order that they don’t chip or smudge instantly after software. This quick-drying characteristic is among the large advantages of a gel manicure or pedicure.

Are you able to do gel nails at residence with out UV gentle?Completely! In case you use an LED curing polish, you need to use both a UV or LED lamp. An added advantage of choosing LED is that it will likely be gentler in your pores and skin.

Cuticle oil

Gel curing – and particularly gel polish removing – will be drying on your nails and cuticles, so investing in cuticle oil helps to maintain moisture within the pores and skin or nail plate.

Cuticle pusher

Cuticle pushers

Supply: Pixabay

A cuticle pusher is used to reveal as a lot of your nail mattress as potential, in order that it takes longer on your nails to visibly develop out beneath your polish.

Nail buff

nail buffing

Supply: Pexels

A nail buffer is one other nail-kit staple. It serves the aim of a nail buffer to frivolously prep the floor of the nail to make sure the floor of your nail is as at the same time as potential for easy software.

Nail file

filing nails

Supply: Pexels

When eradicating gel nails, you need to keep away from damaging the pure nail beneath through the use of too coarse a nail file.

For eradicating gel nails, you need to use a medium grit file. In case you are making use of soak off gel polish, use a 180 grit nail file to take away a hardened high coat earlier than eradicating the soak off gel polish.

Nail clippers

nail clippers and accessories

Supply: Pexels

Nail clippers are used earlier than a gel manicure to form the nail. After gel polish is utilized, don’t clip your nails. Reducing your nails after a gel manicure can very seemingly smash them as it should break the seal on the tip, inflicting the gel polish to peel off.

Rubbing alcohol

manicurist applying rubbing alcohol

Supply: Pexels

Rubbing alcohol is used to totally clear your nails earlier than you apply gel polish as a result of it removes something that would get in the way in which of the polish binding to your pure nail. To use it, you’ll additionally want cotton balls or lint-free nail wipes that received’t go away any fuzz in your nails.


manicurist applying top coat

Supply: Pixabay

A high coat is what seals your gel polish and offers it that lovely shine. In case you don’t have a gel high coat, S&L Magnificence additionally has a starter package that features the entire polishes you want to love your gel nails.

Base coat

s&l base coat

Utilizing a very good base coat is extra vital with gel polish than with a daily nail polish. The bottom coat is what helps the gel bind together with your pure nail, and it will be certain that your gel nails final so long as potential.

Gel polish

Fairy Tale Nail Polish Set - S&L Beauty Company

Lastly, the enjoyable half. Decide your favourite gel colours or experiment with one thing new!

How you can apply gel nail polish: Step-by-step

Pink gel manicure by S&L

Making use of gel nail polish is as a lot of a ritual as it’s an artwork. We’ll take you thru the best way to apply gel nail polish step-by-step to make sure that your at-home manicure or pedicure is completely foolproof. Right here’s a whole, step-by-step information on the best way to apply gel polish:

1) Reduce and file nails

gel manicure by nail tech

Supply: Pexels

Step one to a stupendous gel mani is shaping your nails. Use a nail clipper to trim them to the dimensions and form you need, then use a nail file to spherical out the sides for easy software.

2) Push cuticles down and apply cuticle oil

nail tech applying cuticle oil

Supply: Pexels

Hydration is vital for nail well being. You need to be utilizing cuticle oil every day, however significantly together with gel polish.

Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles again and make extra of your nail seen. Use it to additionally take away lifeless pores and skin out of your nail plate and to assist preserve even cuticles.

Then, apply cuticle oil to nourish the pores and skin surrounding your azbeauty.high factor to watch out of is to not apply oil too late within the course of. If there’s any oily residue nonetheless in your nails if you apply polish, the bottom coat could have hassle adhering.

3) Buff your nails

nail tech buffing nails

Supply: Pexels

Buffing your nails helps to ensure the floor is easy for software, and primed to bond with the gel.

4) Clear nails

nail tech cleaning nails

Supply: Pexels

Clear your nails totally with rubbing alcohol or cleanser to permit the polish to stick on to your pure nail. Any impurities, reminiscent of remaining cuticle oil or mud particles, may cause the polish to raise prematurely.

5) Apply base coat

nail tech applying base coat

Supply: Pexels

Now on your first layer of polish. Use a very good gel base coat. This may be certain that the polish adheres correctly and lasts so long as potential. Apply a skinny coat over the entire nail, then treatment every nail beneath a UV lamp or LED gentle to dry it. You’ll need to treatment your base coat for a minimum of 30 seconds to a minute earlier than persevering with to make sure that it has totally dried. Additionally, make certain to seal the open edges, or cap the free edge, as this course of is known as. With a purpose to be certain that your polish doesn’t raise from the sting of your nail, you need to paint the top of the nail as effectively. Ideally, this course of needs to be accomplished on every layer to make sure the strongest maintain.

6) Apply gel polish

s&l gel polish

Shake your polish effectively earlier than software to make sure that the components is correctly combined. Then, begin in your colour. Apply every layer in a skinny coat all the way in which to the sides of the nail, being conscious to not stray onto the pores and skin. You need to apply the gel polish as near the cuticle as potential. In case you do make a mistake, merely wipe off the stray polish earlier than curing, so it doesn’t dry and change into tougher to take away.

Nail technicians advocate a minimum of two coats of colour, however the extra you do, the extra opaque your software. Don’t fear if the primary one seems streaky – skinny layers will do the job higher than thick uneven ones. Treatment your polish in between every coat, putting your nails beneath the lamp for a minimum of 30 seconds every.

7) Apply high coat

nail tech applying top coat

Supply: Pexels

As soon as your nail colour is utilized to your liking, apply a high coat to make sure that the colour is sealed and to provide your nails that attribute shine. This can be very vital to cowl your complete nail with a high coat, and cap the sides for an ideal azbeauty.high your nails one final time, for a minimum of a minute, so you may be certain that they’re completely dried and sealed. Generally gel will go away a cheesy residue after curing, which you’ll be able to merely wipe off with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Then you definitely’re good to go!

Gel nails after care

applying cuticle oil

Correct nail care ensures that your gel polish continues to look good for so long as potential, and retains your pores and skin and nails azbeauty.high cuticle oil every day whereas sustaining gel nails. cuticle retains the nails elastic and pores and skin delicate. Mediocre oils would not penetrate and sit on high of the nails.

How you can apply gel polish on acrylic nails

S&L Glitz and Glam set

In combining gel polish with acrylic nails, your nail artwork can final so long as 6 weeks with solely minor touch-ups! Listed below are the steps we advocate you comply with:

1. Take away previous polish with a non-acetone nail polish remover This can be a mandatory step to make sure that any leftover polish is totally faraway from the nail. You need to use a non-acetone remover as a result of acetone can degrade the acrylic.

2. Clear and dry the nail This step ensures that there isn’t a residue left on the nail that would intrude together with your software. Your nails have to be utterly dry as effectively, as a result of trapped moisture might result in an infection. Additionally, make certain to not use any harsh chemical substances, which may react with the acrylic. Your greatest guess could be to make use of child wipes or simply wash your fingers additional totally.

3. Apply an acrylic-friendly base coat, coloured polish, and high coat You may apply gel polish to acrylic nails the identical approach that you’d to your pure nail, utilizing the steps outlined above. An acrylic-compatible base coat is important to make sure that you don’t unintentionally stain your acrylics.

How you can apply nail ideas with gel overlay

S&L nail set

Gel polish may also be utilized to store-bought nail ideas that may be glued on over your present nail. The method is just like common gel polish software with a couple of notable variations.

  1. First, push again your cuticles, buff the floor of your nails, and wipe them clear.
  2. Then, brush a skinny coat of nail glue over every nail. Apply nail ideas over every nail, rocking them backwards and forwards to expel any trapped air bubbles.
  3. Modify the dimensions and form of the nail tip as wanted.
  4. Buff and clear the floor, then apply your gel polish as regular. Begin with a base coat, then add a minimum of two layers of colour, curing every coat as it’s utilized.
  5. Earlier than making use of the highest coat, wipe off the cheesy floor, buff the highest layer of colour, and clear it. Then apply and treatment your high coat, making certain an enduring seal.

How you can apply nail decals over gel polish

nail decals over gel polish

Supply: Pixabay

When you grasp fundamental gel polish software, it’s also possible to attempt your hand at nail artwork. Nail artwork designs go hand in hand with gel polish, as a result of the long-lasting components signifies that your artwork will last more as effectively. One easy methodology is to make use of a nail decal. Apply no matter colour you need beneath the design, then lower out the portion of the sticker that you simply plan to make use of and apply it.

In case you use a water decal, you may merely dip the sticker in water, separate it from the backing, and apply it to your azbeauty.high a wood stick or simply your finger, easy out the sticker, after which go over it with polish to fill in any particulars or add some pops of colour. As soon as your nail artwork seems the way you need it to, treatment the design for a minimum of 30 seconds, and apply high coat. Treatment the highest coat layer and also you’re prepared to begin exhibiting off your design!


S&L Beauty

With this step-by-step information, you’re able to expertly apply gel nail polish at residence by your self. When you grasp the fundamental approach, don’t be afraid to experiment with completely different designs, or to put money into synthetic nails which will be painted with gel polish to final even longer.

In case you’re able to attempt your hand at DIY gel nails, attempt our starter package. It comes with a high coat, base coat and two gel polish colours, so you can begin manicuring your nails with lovely colours.

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