How to put rhinestones on nails with glue

Nail art is a fun and creative way to express yourself and your personality. It can be as simple as a single rhinestone on your finger, or it could be elaborate with many rhinestones and designs all over the nails.
How to put rhinestones on nails with glue

how to adhere nail gemsWith hard-to-ignore sparkle, assertion gems are a strolling industrial in your salon and a easy upsell on account of they’re fast, easy and likewise you don’t should be considerably inventive to carry out good outcomes, says veteran nail artist Gina Silvestro. A client who requests this add-on is not any shrinking violet, so it’s important that this glitzy look shines and stays put.

Every worthwhile assertion gem software program begins with the acceptable embellishment. Acrylic gems are the least expensive and can be found a wide range of colors and shapes, nonetheless often should not very sturdy, lack in luster and shouldn’t work correctly with gel or acrylic. Glass or synthetic crystals are often further sparkly and durable, nonetheless embrace added worth.

For extra-large gems, seek for a slight curve on the underside, says Van Nuys, California-based nail artist Yvett Garcia. “When they’re too big and flat, they tend to snag on things too much.” Due to this, Silvestro recommends limiting the scale of flat-backed stones to 8mm or a lot much less.

Though most techs have their favorite attachment strategy, the perfect methodology might depend on the situation, along with the form of gems used, the product presently on the nail and required sturdiness. Gems get their brilliance from delicate reflecting off the perimeters, so irrespective of attachment methodology, one thing on prime of the stone will uninteresting the shine. Proper right here is our share on how one can put rhinestones on nails with glue

Making use of gems with nail polish

Attaching gems with nail polish is barely advisable for short-term use, as nail polish doesn’t have the an identical endurance as further heavy-duty adhesives. Nonetheless, it nonetheless would be the appropriate choice for a client who returns repeatedly for regular manicures or needs to take a look at some bling sooner than committing to one thing further. Sooner than beginning the service, ensure that consumers know that stones can fall off fairly shortly.

After making use of prime coat, allow the nail to dry barely. Then, press the gem into the best coat when the ground is moist ample to set it, nonetheless not too moist that the gem slides or smudges, says Garcia. As quickly as linked, do not apply further prime coat. As a substitute, use a small nail art work brush to scrupulously apply additional prime coat throughout the bottom of each gem, if required.

Making use of gems with glue or resin

Nail glue is a sturdy adhesive that models shortly, however it certainly ought to be used rigorously because it might probably corrode the best of some gems and damage stones’ silver backing over time. If gluing gems over widespread nail polish, ensure that the best coat is 100-percent dry first, says Garcia.

If using glue over gel polish, treatment the nails, then flippantly buff the shine from the design area earlier to software program for larger adhesion, Silvestro advises. Choose a quick-set glue and use solely what’s essential. On a regular basis apply glue to the nail (not the gem) and place the stone on the nail using a moistened cuticle stick or wax-tipped instrument for max administration. Further glue shall be positioned on the bottom of each stone for further energy.

Making use of gems with gel

This system is powerful ample to stay even the most important stones. And since gel doesn’t harm glass or synthetic crystal, the gems shall be soaked off, saved and reapplied at future appointments. No specific ground preparation is required. Merely apply gel and crystals immediately over the cured color or set acrylic.

Making use of gems with gel is a two-step course of, says Silvestro. First, use a thick, stiff gel to set the gem in place and ask your client to pivot her hand whereas it’s curing beneath the lamp. “This allows the light to cure the gel in between the crystals,” she explains. Subsequent, rigorously secure the crystal using a medium-thin viscosity gel to cap the perimeters. “Think of it like a ‘gel prong,’ which will hold the gem in place in the way that a prong holds a diamond on a ring,” she says. “The gel needs to come up onto the girdle of the stone to really secure it.”

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Many techs use a mix of gel and resin to make use of gems. Garcia adheres greater stones with a thick onerous gel, then makes use of resin to fill inside the gaps after curing. Completely different techs first adhere gems with resin after which use gel to fill inside the gaps. The important stage is ensuring that enormous stones are secured to the nail’s ground throughout the entire perimeter of each gem’s base.

Placement Issues

“Closer to the cuticle is the best placement for crystals because the nail plate doesn’t flex there, so it’s a more stable surface,” says veteran nail artist Gina Silvestro. Don’t get too close to the cuticle though, cautions Van Nuys, California-based nail artist Yvett Garcia.

“It will make it harder to seal the gaps without touching the skin, and when the nail grows out the gem will easily snag on things.” If inserting gems on pure nails, comply with an affiliation of smaller stones. If a giant stone is positioned on the stress stage the place the pure nail might bend, there’s an excellent likelihood it will pop off, says Silvestro.

Proper right here, learn the way Garcia applies gems on her consumers.

how to adhere nail gems

1. Prep the nail after which apply two coats of gel polish, curing after each.

how to adhere nail gems

2. Use a lint-free wipe soaked with cleanser to remove the tacky layer, nonetheless do not apply prime coat. Calmly buff the underside of the nail.

how to adhere nail gems

3. Place a dab of gel adhesive on the buffed area of the nail.

how to adhere nail gems

4. Using a pointed wax pen, determine up a giant pointed-back gem, then place it on the gel adhesive at an angle. Repeat this step for added gems, then treatment the nail.

how to adhere nail gems

5. Apply resin between and throughout the gaps of the larger gems. For larger adhesion, spray gems with an aerosol nail drying spray.

how to adhere nail gems

What’s your favorite strategy for adhering gems? Inform us inside the suggestions beneath!

[Photography by Jason Bennett]

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