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One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are in a rush to get out the door is forgetting to dry their makeup brushes. The longer your brushes stay wet, the more bacteria can grow and multiply on them. Not only does
How to quickly dry makeup brushes | AZBeauty

Can you employ a hairdryer to dry make-up brushes? The most typical mistake folks make with their make-up isn’t making use of make-up in any respect. It’s improperly caring to your brushes.

Virtually everyone seems to be conscious that they don’t clear their brushes usually sufficient. Nonetheless while you do clear them, how do you dry them? Can you employ a blow dryer on make-up brushes? And if you happen to can’t, is there another that will get them prepared to make use of quicker?

Let’s check out methods to dry (and take care of) make-up brushes.

Why You Shouldn’t Blow Dry Makeup Brushes

There are a selection of the explanation why you must by no means use a blow dryer in your make-up brushes. Whether or not they’re synthetic or natural make-up brushes, lots of the causes apply to each.

We all know that it may be a chore to attend to your brushes to dry, however blowdrying them isn’t one of the best ways methods to dry make-up brushes shortly, regardless of what you may suppose.

can you blow dry makeup brushes? - Ellis James Designs

Damages the fibers

Even when your brushes are vegan, the bristles are as delicate as your individual hair, and could be broken, over dried, and even develop break up ends.

Incidental styling

For those who blow dry your brushes, you’ll be able to mainly find yourself heat-styling them, which damages their form.

Brushes are designed with a selected use in thoughts, so preserving their form is a vital a part of preserving the comb.

Damages the glue

The glue that holds make-up brushes collectively can degrade or be broken by extreme warmth, identical to every other glue.

In different phrases, not solely must you not blow dry make-up brushes, however you must defend them from excessive warmth usually, and never retailer them in daylight, close to heating vents, or in a sizzling car.

can you blow dry makeup brushes? - Ellis James Designs

What is the best way to dry makeup brushes?

  1. After you wash your brushes, use your hand to softly squeeze out extra water.
  2. Place them on a microfiber towel, fold the towel excessive, and press gently to take away much more water.
  3. Reshape the damp brushes to revive and protect their form
  4. Hold them the wrong way up from a make-up brush drying rack. This permits water to evaporate naturally with out staying within the bristles, drying them quicker, since air circulates on all sides. Quicker drying prevents micro organism and mildew from rising, and preserves the glue that holds the comb collectively. Hanging make-up brushes the wrong way up additionally preserves the form, with out flattening the brushes. There are a selection of racks and hacks for exactly this goal. This one from QGAKAGO is a good instance.
  5. Place your make-up drying rack in a cool, well-ventilated space (like close to an open window) however out of direct daylight.
  6. Enable your brushes to dry utterly earlier than use. For thick, dense bristles, this could take a number of hours or in a single day.

can you blow dry makeup brushes? - Ellis James Designs

How to Dry Makeup Brushes in a Hurry

For those who don’t have time to softly dangle your brushes dry, you’ll be able to sometimes use a hair dryer to save lots of time. For those who completely should, here’s methods to blow dry make-up brushes:

  1. Use the best air and lowest velocity in your blow dryer.
  2. Don’t intention the blow dryer down the middle of your brushes, splaying out the fibers. As a substitute, hanging or holding the comb the wrong way up, blow the air gently down the comb from the deal with to the tip.
  3. Rotate the blow dryer across the outdoors of the comb bristles, not permitting warmth to construct up in anybody space.
  4. Pause usually to reshape the comb and permit it to chill down.
  5. Hold going till the comb is totally dry.

Some FAQs on drying makeup brushes

What’s one of the best ways to dry make-up brushes?

Allow them to air dry whereas they dangle the wrong way up from a make-up brush drying rack. You can too put a microfiber material beneath your arrange so it might probably absorb the water and different gunk because it dries.

Ought to I let my make-up brushes air dry? How lengthy does it take for brushes to air dry?

That is the very best technique to dry and care to your brushes. Relying on the place you might be, how humid or sizzling or season you’re in, the drying time can fluctuate.

Bear in mind to let all of your magnificence instruments air dry correctly; you wouldn’t need yucky brushes, or discover magnificence blender mildew!

How do make-up artists clear their brushes between shoppers? How do you clear and dry make-up brushes quick?

They use a to-go make-up brush cleaner that you just spritz onto your brushes. These particular cleaners are made for fast cleansing, although they don’t essentially get out all of the product, so an intensive cleansing with an precise brush cleaner remains to be the way in which to go.

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Is it OK to soak make-up brushes?

It’s not advisable to do as a result of the water can undo the glue of your brushes, which ends up in quicker shedding or whole destruction of your bristles.

How lengthy does it take for make-up brushes to dry after washing them?

There isn’t a set time as a result of it relies on the local weather and circumstances the place you might be. 24 hours is a secure guess!

How usually do I’ve to scrub my make-up brushes?

It’s advisable to do that after each use.

What’s one of the best ways to scrub make-up brushes at house?

Use a brush cleanser and wash your brushes!

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How do you reshape make-up brushes after washing?

Use brush shapers like those beneath:

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How lengthy does it take to scrub make-up brushes?

Relying on how a lot you used your brushes, it varies. Normally it shouldn’t take you very lengthy, particularly if you happen to use an excellent make-up brush cleanser.

How do you dry make-up brushes the wrong way up?

You need to use a make-up brush drying rack for this!

Hot tip: Fall in love with microfiber instead

Microfiber make-up remover cloths are a unbelievable solution to take care of your self and your make-up brushes. You need to use them to take away make-up out of your face, use them to blot dry your clear brushes, but additionally use them to spot-clean your brushes if you happen to don’t have time for a full wash.

Merely wipe your brush bristles gently with a material, and nearly your whole outdated make-up residue is eliminated. They’re additionally mechanically cleanable and reusable, making them higher for the atmosphere than disposable make-up pads. This set of 3 cloths from Rainbow Rovers can take make-up off your face in addition to your brushes.

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Taking good care of your brushes is definitely taking good care of your pores and skin, so it’s vital to scrub them usually and dry them accurately, to guard your self and protect the lifetime of your brushes.

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