How to tie a hair turban towel

Hair turban towel is a popular, easy-to-make accessory that can be worn for many different occasions. It is made by folding a towel in half and tying it with a hair tie through the middle of the fold.

11 how to make hair towel wrap

I’m not exactly sure concerning you however my best cover after cleaning my waistline size hair made use of to be a towel, twisted around and also turned over. Keep in mind the “used to” due to the fact that the towel had its negative aspects – if you embeded completion at the rear of the neck it made an unpleasant bump continuing the base of the head; if you left it loose, the towel spin would certainly turn round and also unwrap as you curved onward to use fragrant body cream, or repaint your toe nails. I uncovered exactly how to make a towel bandana. I made use of the hair towel cover pattern in this short article and also am so pleased with the outcome I simply needed to share it. Hair professionals protest energetic towel drying out, alerting it more problems divided ends and also can result in completely dry hair and also frizziness. This do it yourself towel bandana does a terrific task of taking in the wetness without harming your hair, and also takes just about 15 mins to make.

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diy hair towel wrap

What I like concerning this do it yourself towel bandana is that I really did not also need to go bent on purchase a towel. For the initial one I made use of a towel I currently had. Bathroom towels been available in different dimensions with the basic 28 x 55-inch (70 x 140cm) towels being one of the most prominent. They likewise can be found in somewhat smaller sized and also bigger dimensions like 20 x 40 inches (51 x 102 centimeters) or 30 x 58 (76 x 147 centimeters). You can make use of the somewhat smaller sized than basic towel however the bigger one will most likely be also large. With the hair bandana we are intending to reduce down on the added quantity of material on your head, without shedding the effective absorbency of the cotton towelling, which has actually made it the best option to covering hair after a shower for years.

how to make a towel turban - finished head wrap view from above

With the incredibly absorbency of cotton there is absolutely nothing much better for making your hair towel cover, and also why we make use of cotton towels to dry out off as they soak up a lot water. In instance of any type of emergency situation entailing water splilling we compete the old towels maintained for this objective, specifically due to the fact that they are so effective – not an old covering or Tees. All of us understand exactly how hefty a damp towel can be which is due to the fact that cotton can soak up as long as 27 times its very own weight in water, according to the not-for- revenue company, Cotton Inc, that carries out research study for the worldwide cotton sector.

So, currently it’s time to reach producing your incredible do it yourself towel bandana. It is truly so simple you’ll question why you have not done it in the past. Listed below you will certainly locate my detailed created tutorial with video clip directions for all the aesthetic students.

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  • 1 Just how to make a hair towel cover
  • 2 Towel Bandana Materials and also devices
  • 3 Just How to Stitch a Towel Bandana
    • 3.3 ACTION 1: Prepare the head towel cover pattern
    • 3.4 ACTION 2: Fold up the bathroom towel
    • 3.5 ACTION 3: Mark the towel
    • 3.6 ACTION 4: Cut
    • 3.7 ACTION 5: Pin
    • 3.8 ACTION 6: Sew
    • 3.9 ACTION 7: Trim and also reverse
    • 3.10 ACTION 8: Handsew a switch
  • 4 TOWEL Bandana Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and also Troubleshooting:

Just how to make a hair towel cover

Towel Bandana Materials and also devices

hair towel wrap pattern supplies

  • 1 bathroom towel
  • 1/16 ″ round flexible (better) or 1/8 ″ level flexible – 3 ″ lengthy
  • matching string
  • scissors (or rotating cutter and also a reducing floor covering)
  • leader or gauging tape
  • iron and also ironing board
  • stitching clips or pins
  • stitching maker

DOWNLOAD: hair towel cover pattern( Totally free PDF documents)

*** Publish just web page 1 (inches) or web page 2 (centimeters) ***

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Just How to Stitch a Towel Bandana

Enjoy the do it yourself hair towel cover video clip initially and after that comply with the written detailed directions listed below. Please appreciate and also do not neglect to Like and also SUBSCRIBE over on YouTube to be maintained to day with brand-new video clips as they appear.



ACTION 1: Prepare the head towel cover pattern

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The head towel cover pattern consisted of below is not to range – it’s an attracting that offers you the directions of exactly how to reduce the bathroom towel.

It is recommended you attract your pattern theoretically initially, after that position on the towel, inspecting you missed out on those woven little bits, nevertheless, the slim end of the drop form can go onto the woven little bit by concerning an inch due to the fact that you are mosting likely to do a joint on the slim 3-inch side and also it will certainly simply produce much less mass than attempting to stitch with the thicker component of the towel.

If you are positive in extracting your form and also wish to miss the paper pattern component after that you can function directly onto the towel, attracting the form with a con artist pen. Certainly, if you are intending on making a few of these as presents for friends and family, of course make a paper pattern you can maintain and also re-use. These hair bandanas are a little of health club high-end that will certainly be really welcome as presents, coupled with an unique hair therapy lotion, an aromatic candle light and also possibly an invigorating peel-off face mask.

hair towel wrap pattern and folding the bath towel

POINTER: The majority of towels have actually woven boundaries stumbling upon completions – often they are close to completion and also often a little bit higher the towel. You will most likely be utilizing a conventional 55 inch towel, however if you are utilizing a 40 inch long one simply make certain that when you reduce you can miss out on those approach completions. You are mosting likely to require a size of 33 inches, plus one more 6/8 of an inch to represent both joint allocations for the do it yourself towel bandana.

ACTION 2: Fold up the bathroom towel

Wash towel and also fold it so both brief sides fulfill, appropriate side to appropriate side, creating a fat rectangular shape. Suit up the ended up sides of the bathroom towel at the base. This is to allow you to reduce both sides of the hair bandana at the exact same time.

matching the finished bottom edges of bath towel to make hair towel wrap

ACTION 3: Mark the towel

With the illustration provided as an overview, make use of a con artist pen to delineate the form onto paper, which will certainly look like a drop halve lengthways. The joint allocation is currently consisted of in the pattern. The seamed sides of the towel will certainly not be removed – this simply conserves you a lot of stitching to utilize what is currently there, as the seamed side will certainly be the component you put around the rear of your head, bringing it onward to turn and also gather your hair.

hair towel wrap pattern in inches or centimeters on bath towel


Safeguard all-time low and also left side with clips and also remove the form you have actually noted.

diy hair towel wrap cutting out the bath towel


The incorrect sides of the towel will certainly be dealing with in an outward direction so pin with each other so guarantee both fifty percents do not relocate as you sew around the contour you have actually reduced.

Fold up the flexible in fifty percent and also area it inside the 3-inch end of the hair bandana, pinning it in the centre where the facility joint of the towel bandana is.

hair towel wrap diy pinned, adding elastic


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Sew around the raw sides. I you have an overlocker you can overlock the sides, or make use of a serger, however if you do not have these after that simply one zig zag joint will certainly be great.

stitched heair towel wrap

ACTION 7: Trim and also reverse

Cut around the joint allocation to obtain a smooth side, seeing to it you do not reduce also near the sewing. Transform the towel bandana completely.

ACTION 8: Handsew a switch

Hand sew an appropriate switch at the base of the 7-inch joint side to offer a ‘hook’ for the flexible loophole. Examine that the loophole fits comfortably over the switch when you are picking the dimension of the switch. Stretch the flexible over the switch and also you’ll have a do it yourself towel bandana that fits on your head comfortably. It will certainly soak up the excess water from your hair and also will not tumble down when you relocate your head or bend onward, like when you make use of an average towel.

hand sewing the button of the hair towel wrap

That’s it your hair towel cover prepares!

TOWEL Bandana Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and also Troubleshooting:

Q Should I clean the towel bandana prior to utilizing it for the very first time?

Absolutely yes! Towels are made from little loopholes and also as you reduced the towel a number of those loopholes will certainly be punctured leaving cosy cotton little bits around and also you absolutely do not desire a snow storm in your newly cleaned hair. Offer the brand-new hair bandana a great shake, and after that placed it with a fast laundry and also roll completely dry to guarantee you have no loosened cosy little bits.

Q Just how do I cover the hair bandana?

A Bend onward and also put the hair bandana get rid of the switch to associate the centre of the neck of your neck and also curtain completions on either side of your head. Taking both ends and also your hair spin a number of times and also turn up over your head, after that draw the little flexible item over the switch at the back. It ought to be safe and also the spins of towel will certainly soak up the added wetness from your hair, leaving it all set for styling.

diy towel turban with a button on woman

Q Can I make use of material conditioner when I clean my do it yourself hair bandana?

A It is not suggested as the oils in material conditioner and also industrial anti-static sheet layer the cotton fibers, minimizing the absorbency of the towel. Rather comprise a couple of 3-inch rounds of ground up light weight aluminum foil and also toss them in the clothes dryer with the towels to decrease fixed electrical energy. Simply make certain the light weight aluminum rounds are weighed down securely and also there are no loosened edges to capture on the towels and also towel bandanas.

Since you understand exactly how to make a bandana out of a towel, you ought to be so persuaded your fingers are itching to obtain active making sensible towel bandanas. Have a good time making the initial one, after that you can start considering making some as presents, all set to carry out when a celebration turns up like a bride’s pamper celebration, a close friend or coworker’s birthday celebration, or when you truly do not understand what to obtain Auntie Agatha for Xmas.

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