How to untangle my little pony hair

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a huge fan of My Little Pony. I love the show and the toys, but I also love to play with my own hair too. There are so many ways to untangle your hair with
How to untangle my little pony hair

Curled My Little Pony hair

Crinkled My Little Horse hair

If you accumulate and/or market My Little Horse numbers, you recognize that it’s hard to maintain them tidy as well as nice. Among the very first as well as most visible components of the horse to obtain ruined is the hair. Also one of the most matted as well as knotted hair can be cleaned as well as crinkled if you have the perseverance. I have actually just attempted this with classic My Little Horses (from the 1980s), yet I think it will certainly function on the more recent versions.

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I have actually never ever utilized warmth to crinkle My Little Horse hair, as well as I do not advise it. It might harm the horse. You will certainly require the list below products.


  • Mild hair shampoo
  • Mild conditioner
  • Brush or comb
  • Numerous pencils (or straws or curling irons)
  • Extremely tiny hairpin

Action 1: Rinse as well as Hair Shampoo

  • Wash the hair completely with warm water. You do not desire the water to be warm, as this might harm the horse.
  • Utilize your fingers to smooth the hair as well as eliminate the tangles as long as feasible.
  • When possible, attempt to run a comb or brush via the hair, beginning at the ends as well as functioning your method up. If the hair is as well twisted for that, do not compel it, as you might draw the hairs straight off.

This action is optional, depending upon the problem of the hair: If the hair is filthy, after that you might wish to make use of a mild hair shampoo. Not all horses require this therapy; you can choose if the horse hair is unpleasant or simply twisted. If you pick to hair shampoo, press a tiny blob of hair shampoo on your fingers, after that run it via the hair with your fingers to lather it. Be mild. Wash the hair completely, once more with cozy water.

Action 2: Conditioner as well as Curling

Currently it’s time for conditioner.

  • Press a blob of conditioner onto your fingers as well as run it via the horse’s hair. You will not require a lot, although the specific quantity depends upon just how matted the hair is.
  • Make certain the conditioner is run throughout the hair, and after that brush or brush it with the conditioner still in it. The hair needs to be glossy as well as simpler to eliminate the tangles.
  • Prevent drawing as well hard, as well as begin at the ends of the hair as well as function your method to the origins.
  • As soon as all the tangles are eliminated, wash the conditioner out of the hair, running your fingers via the hair under the water.
  • Extremely delicately, press excess water out of the hair.

Below’s the enjoyable component: the curling! You will certainly require numerous pencils (or various other slim, tube-shaped things such as a straw and even real curling irons) as well as numerous clips to hold the book location.

  • The variety of pencils as well as clips depends upon the number of curls you desire in the hair and/or tail.
  • For each crinkle, cover an area of hair around the pencil as well as clip it in position. You will most likely require 2 clips for each and every pencil.
The curling process. This person used straws instead of pencils. (image source:

The crinkling procedure. He or she utilized straws rather than pencils. (photo resource:

Action 3: Waiting as well as Elimination

Currently is the hardest component … the waiting!

  • Location your horse, standing upright preferably, in an area where family pets as well as youngsters can not get to. You have to be individual as well as wait for the damp, crinkling hair to completely dry!
  • Once the hair is completely dry, eliminate the clips as well as pencils extremely thoroughly. The swirls need to remain.
  • Do not clean the hair! This will certainly eliminate the swirls!

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Avoid having fun with the swirls way too much, since we have not utilized warmth, as well as therefore the swirls will certainly not last for life. Currently you have an attractive horse with glossy swirls that looks excellent on display screen (or in an listing!). If you ruin the very first time, there’s no damage done (unless you have actually taken out the hair). Simply attempt the procedure once more!

Note: My Little Horses that were initially crinkled by the manufacturing facility will certainly crinkle a lot more quickly as well as remain in longer. It’s still feasible to crinkle hair that was initially right, yet the crinkle might not take rather.

Dry, curled My Little Pony hair! Don't they look pretty?

Dry, crinkled My Little Horse hair! Do not they look rather?


mindy on January 02, 2016:

I make use of infant oil in doll or my little horse hair after that clean it out with hair shampoo to provide boring hair beam once more. Do you recognize is is secure for them in the future? I made the error of utilizing grease when as well as it messed up a dolls hair.

Mlpfan8 on April 06, 2015:

Actually valuable. My Lyra looks beautiful currently!

Brony on April 29, 2012:

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XD I am a guy that has a G4 plaything. Her hair came to be ruined. Many thanks for this.

Crystal Tatum from Georgia on March 15, 2012:

This is such a charming center, as well as the image of the inadequate horse with book her hair is rather amusing. What we females need to withstand for appeal! The guidance not to make use of warmth for curling is ideal on, I would certainly state, at the very least based upon my experience with trying to crinkle a Barbie doll’s hair throughout my childhood years. It wrecked her hair as well as the crinkling iron!

Rainbow Dashboard on March 27, 2011:

I discovered a less complicated method to recurl the hair. I utilized straw’s as well as boby pins. Damp the hair wth a wet towel or paper towel. To hold the hair around the straw, stick the pin via the straw. Wait a couple of secs or longer if you desire them actually visible. Repeat for each crinkle. I utilized this on a fourth Generation horse (Rarity, this being her I utilized the possibility to claim she remained in her shop crinkling her hair)

( the human variation of) Fluttershy on February 13, 2011:

As the writer composed, it’s in fact truly poor to make use of warmth on the artificial hair of playthings like MLPs or Barbie. It’s since the hair is constructed out of plastic, as well as will actually thaw under a hair clothes dryer or iron.

I discovered this when I was eight-years old as well as attempted to kink my Stacie doll’s hair. o.o; Oh, child was that a mess.

I’m so pleased I discovered this post, as I have actually just recently begun remembering My Little Horse as well as wished to discover just how to crinkle their hair without shedding it off like what took place to inadequate Stacie.

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