How to use derma roller for hair

Derma rollers have been used for years to help with skin care. They are a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as enhance your complexion. Many people use them on their face, but they can
How to use derma roller for hair

This write-up will certainly detail just how to utilize a dermaroller to boost brand-new hair development This technique can assist with scattered thinning hair, or the normal declining hairline likewise called pattern baldness.

You will certainly require to recognize just how to utilize this method appropriately. Dermarollers are normally extremely secure tools, however otherwise made use of appropriately, you run the risk of damages to your scalp.

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What is A Dermaroller?

A dermaroller is an easy, portable gadget that makes small pinpricks in the skin.

The pricks pass through right into the facial layer, simply deep sufficient to boost brand-new cell manufacturing as well as increase flow, however without triggering long-term damages (1 ).

The procedure is likewise called ‘microneedling‘.

The dermaroller has been used as a medical and cosmetic device for decades.

Microneedling along the hairline is more easy than with diffuse hair loss.

How Does the Dermaroller Help With Thinning Hair?

The History of Microneedling

Microneedling is a relatively recent invention. Doctors in the 1990s accidentally discovered that microneedling could help reduce the appearance of scars after cosmetic surgery (2).

This initial discovery led clinicians to explore microneedling a treatment modality for various conditions. Today, microneedling is one of the most exciting and promising new treatments in dermatology. Its applications include, among others (3):

  • Scars (from acne, surgery, etc.)
  • Hair loss
  • Melasma
  • Vitiligo
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Damage from the sun (UV)

How Does Microneedling Work?

The published research suggests microneedling promotes hair regrowth in two ways (4):

First, it enhances the absorption of minoxidil or any other topical stimulant. This is why in most skin conditions where microneedling is useful, doctors typically recommend it alongside a topical medication.

Secondly, it promotes hair growth on its own, without the need for a topical. it probably achieves this through various means. Microneedling for hair growth

One is stimulating the dermis to release growth factors in response to the injury from the needles. It is also possible that the needles break up the fibrosis that builds up between the hair follicles in the balding scalp.

Microneedling Can Treat Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is the most common type of hair loss in men and women (5). The two first-line treatments that the FDA has approved are minoxidil (for men and women) and finasteride (for men) (6). However, the market for non-pharmaceutical treatments is growing, and microneedling is arguably the most popular such intervention.

At this point, multiple clinical studies suggest microneedling is highly effective on patients with AGA (7, 8).

The first study was performed in 2013, recruiting 100 patients with mild-to-moderate AGA (9). The participants were split into two groups. The first group received weekly microneedling treatment with twice daily application of 5% minoxidil, while the second group was given only 5% minoxidil.

Photographs were taken at baseline and then at the end of treatment. There were three parameters that researchers used to track efficacy:

  1. Change from baseline hair count at 12 weeks;
  2. Patient assessment of hair growth at 12 weeks; and
  3. Investigator assessment of hair growth at 12 weeks.

You can see the results after 12 weeks in the graph below:

microneedling scalp hair loss jm

The mean hair count of patients in both groups improved. However, the counts in the combination group increased by nearly four times compared to the minoxidil-only group.

The dermatologists’ analyses of the previously as well as after images of the people repainted a comparable photo:

Microneedling vs control

The skin doctors ranked all the males in the microneedling team as revealing at the very least some enhancement. This was usually the most effective feasible regrowth (+3 on the range). On the various other hand, they discovered that a considerable percentage of males in the minoxidil-only team revealed no regrowth. When males in the minoxidil-only team did reply to therapy, the enhancement was just moderate (+1 ).

In the pictures listed below, you can see the previously as well as after images of some males in the mix therapy that had a superb action to therapy.

Before and after photos of minoxidil group + dermaroller
Male in the mix therapy of dermarolling + minoxidil with superb action to therapy. In many cases the regrowth is nearly full.

Microneedling in Treatment-Resistant Individuals

In 2015, scientists from Mumbai examined the results of microneedling on males with AGA that did not reply to standard therapies like Rogaine as well as Propecia (10 ). This research study was little – just 4 people – however the outcomes were symptomatic.

All 4 people had actually gotten on finasteride as well as 5% minoxidil for anywhere from 2 to 5 years. There was no more hair loss throughout this duration, however their regrowth had actually gone stale.

As component of the research study, the people beginning obtaining microneedling sessions for 6 months together with their recurring therapy.

The outcomes were tracked utilizing a standard seven-point analysis range, in addition to client analysis.

At the end of the six-month duration, 3 of the people shared greater than 75 percent complete satisfaction with the outcomes, while the 4th client shared greater than half complete satisfaction. Furthermore, skin doctors analyzed all people as revealing +2 or +3 feedbacks on a seven-point analysis range varying from -3 to +3.

You can see the previously as well as after images of one research study individual in the photos listed below:

before after minoxidil microneedling before.

Microneedling Without Minoxidil

A lot of the released research study concurs that including microneedling to a topical energizer like minoxidil significantly raises regrowth. Around 3 times as much and even extra, as much as 4 times.

Till lately, scientists really did not recognize if microneedling will certainly work with its very own, without minoxidil.

In 2020, a scientific research study out of China addressed this concern (11 ). The scientists hired 71 male volunteers, 20-60 years of ages, phases 3-6 on the Norwood-Hamilton range.

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They arbitrarily divided the individuals right into 3 teams:

  • The initial obtained 5% topical minoxidil daily, without any microneedling.
  • One more team got microneedling alone, when every 3 weeks, for a total amount of 8 sessions.
  • The last team was the mix therapy: day-to-day minoxidil, plus the microneedling sessions when every 3 weeks. On the day of the microneedling this team avoided the minoxidil.

Therapy lasted 24 weeks. Individuals likewise returned 6 months later on for a follow-up analysis.

Hair transplant vs hair plugs

The key result step was the variety of brand-new hairs in a one-centimeter made even hair loss location. Below are the outcomes:

  • Team 1, minoxidil alone, had approximately 14 brand-new hairs per centimeter made even.
  • Team 2, microneedling alone, had approximately 21 brand-new hairs per centimeter made even.
  • As Well As Team 3, microneedling in mix with minoxidil, had approximately 40 brand-new hairs per centimeter made even.

Simply put, the mix team had almost 3 times as lots of brand-new hairs contrasted to minoxidil monotherapy.

Nonetheless, the crucial brand-new details in this research study was from team 2: the males that simply did microneedling as a standalone therapy – with no minoxidil.

Incredibly, these males had one as well as a half times the regrowth of the minoxidil team. Simply one microneedling session every 3 weeks quickly surpassed day-to-day minoxidil.

Just How Long-term Are Outcomes?

After 6 months, the research study individuals returned for the follow-up analysis.

90% of the males treated with minoxidil alone shed all their brand-new hair. The males in both microneedling teams had much better retention: 10% of these males shed all their recently developed, hair, 70% had moderate to modest loss of hair, as well as 20% preserved their hair.

This recommends that the regrowth from microneedling has a tendency to last longer than conventional pharmaceutical therapies.

Various Sorts Of Microneedling Tools – Which Is Best?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this concern. Each sort of gadget has its very own toughness as well as weak points. Allow’s see every one subsequently.


The dermaroller is possibly one of the most widely known microneedling device. When you consider microneedling, a dermaroller is what will most likely enter your mind.

hair transplant vs plugs jm
A dermaroller

It contains a take care of affixed to a revolving barrel. Externally of the barrel are a couple of hundred microneedles.

As you roll the dermaroller over your scalp, the needles on the revolving barrel pass through the skin. The infiltration is deep sufficient to create the skin as well as hair follicles to invigorate, however not to the factor of triggering long-term damages as well as scarring.

The benefit of the dermaroller is that it fasts. Due to the fact that you simply roll it throughout the skin, you can cover huge locations of the scalp quickly.

On the various other hand, it has 2 primary drawbacks.

To Start With, you can not change the size of the needles. Considering that the needles on the barrel are repaired, you will certainly need to acquire numerous derma rollers if you intend to trying out the needle dimension.

The 2nd negative aspect involves the instructions of application. Preferably, you desire the needles to place up and down right into the skin, directly down.

This is just how the various other 2 microneedling tools (dermastamp as well as dermapen) functions. The dermaroller does not do this. Each needle inserts the skin at an angle, as well as finishes a sweeping movement prior to leaving. This may create a little extra damages than required.

After some usage, the dermaroller needles will certainly obtain boring as well as call for changing. Relying on just how usually you utilize it as well as just how well you preserve it, you need to have the ability to obtain a couple of months out of each device.


The dermastamp is an additional choice. It is a rectangle-shaped block on completion of a take care of, as well as the block has needles. Equally as with the dermaroller, you can utilize the stamp on the scalp along with the face.

Dermaroller 3803323c 9baa 4ef9 b287

In addition to the evident architectural distinctions, the dermastamp has a couple of advantages over the roller.

Particularly, the stamp is a lot easier to control when utilizing it on your own. This is particularly real for hard-to-reach locations, such as the sides as well as rear of the head.

There is likewise much less threat of harming the bordering hair roots as well as getting rid of healthy and balanced hair strands, which can take place if hair obtains embeded the roller.

You can acquire flexible dermastamps (whereas such rollers do not exist). This indicates you can reduce as well as enhance the needle size as required for the very best outcomes.


This resembles the dermastamp, however battery ran. The dermapen takes the suggestion of a non reusable microneedle in the kind of a cartridge. The cartridge vibrates backwards and forwards at a specific regularity.

Due to the fact that the needles are mechanically marked right into your skin at broadband, you do not require as lots of needles. There are commonly just 5 to 9 needles on the cartridge.

The regularity is totally flexible by the individual. Faster rates suggest even more leaks, for a much more extreme experience. The individual can change both the strength of the therapy, along with the dimension as well as variety of the needles (considering that there are cartridges with various needle arrangements). This makes the dermapen a totally adjustable experience.

The negative aspect of the dermapen is that it’s clearly a much more complex gadget, so more probable to damage down. It likewise sets you back extra. There are different top quality tools. Low-cost ones from China price 20 or 30 bucks. This copulates as much as numerous hundred bucks for branded, top quality tools.

Just How To Make Use Of The Dermaroller

A man with a large bald spot receiving microneedling

If you intend to begin microneedling, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can have it at a specialist center by an accredited skin doctor or various other certified expert, or
  2. You can do it on your own in your home.

A check out to the center will certainly provide far better outcomes, particularly if you have no experience in microneedling on your own. On the various other hand, the price of the sees will certainly build up gradually, making this a non-viable choice for lots of males.

A great suggestion would certainly be to obtain your initial number of therapies at the center. With the advantage of these experiences, you can begin microneedling at house.

Correct Strategy

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Prior to anything else, you intend to see to it your dermaroller is decontaminated before utilize. Your scalp must be tidy as well as completely dry (we will certainly return to hygiene quickly).

To start, position the dermaroller at the location you intend to deal with. You require to roll throughout all instructions: 2-3 times flat, 2-3 times up and down, diagonally, and more. Do this for each and every location you intend to deal with.

Relying on the location you deal with, the session must last in between 15-20 mins.

An usual concern is just how tough you need to use, as well as if blood loss is okay. In our experience, identify blood loss is not required to see outcomes. You can use simply sufficient stress to really feel moderate pain.

Having claimed that, much of the released researches explain using stress to the factor of triggering blood loss. Hemorrhaging will certainly help hair regrowth, however you likewise enhance your opportunities of infection, particularly if you are doing it in your home.

What Dimension Needles?

The needles in dermarollers vary in dimension from 0.25 to 1.5 mm. The majority of researches utilize needles in between 1.0-1.5 mm

( If you desire a dermaroller made especially for loss of hair, look into this web link)

Just How Commonly?

It is not required to microneedle greater than when a week. You are not most likely to see far better outcomes, as well as just enhance the threat of adverse effects. Scientists have actually discovered that also one microneedling session every 3 weeks suffices to boost regrowth.


It is extremely essential to preserve excellent health when you dermaroll.

First of all, guarantee your scalp as well as hair are tidy before application. Preferably, hair shampoo extensively before the dermarolling session, as well as allow your head completely dry airborne, without scrubing it with a towel. Much more significantly, the dermaroller must be appropriately decontaminated prior to each therapy.

When it concerns sanitizing your dermaroller, there are 2 standard means. You can saturate it in alcohol or steam it. Whichever means you pick, keep in mind to permit the dermaroller to air completely dry.

Never ever share a dermaroller.

Tips For Optimum Regrowth

1. Cut Your Hair Short

As we saw, dermarolling has actually been taking dermatology by tornado over the previous couple of years.

Skin doctors as well as various other certified experts are utilizing it for whatever from minimizing creases, to dealing with coloring problems, acne, marks, as well as extra.

In all these applications, the dermaroller is made use of on birthday suit. According to this, we advise you maintain your hair brief throughout of the therapy.

This will certainly have numerous advantages It will certainly be less complicated to roll the gadget, as well as stop your capturing as well as drawing out lots of hairs while rolling. It will certainly likewise permit you to pass through the skin, instead of simply surrendering hairs.

Brief hair will certainly permit you to see outcomes the minute they are generated. You will certainly have the ability to see the brand-new hairs as quickly they bulge of the scalp.

Given That this is a prolonged therapy, there can be absolutely nothing far better than this type of inspiration. This will certainly enhance the probability of you sticking to the therapy.

2. Include Scalp Massage Therapy to Your Hair Care Regimen

Dermarolling is among both significant mechanical approaches you can utilize to boost your hair development. The various other is scalp massage therapy.

( Have a look at our full scalp massage therapy overview below).

Either of these approaches by itself can provide superb regrowth. Incorporating both could, in concept, result in also far better regrowth.

3. Integrate With a Dental Supplement

Considering that dermarolling is a topical, mechanical therapy, it makes good sense to integrate it with something systemic.

If you are dermarolling, you have actually currently dedicated to the moment as well as initiative of once a week sessions. It is almost no additional inconvenience to include a systemic therapy in the kind of a pill that you take daily.

You can attempt saw palmetto, or look into the Hairguard Hairbiotic. It is made with natural components as well as loads all the probiotic pressures revealed to generate hair development, consisting of L. Reuteri.

4. Concentrate on the Balding Locations, as well as Usage Correct Strategy

Time is cash, so you do not need to dermaroll around the scalp. Concentrate on the hair loss locations, to start with, as well as deal with the remainder just if you have time.

Likewise, see to it to roll in all instructions: that indicates backwards and forwards, sidewards, as well as diagonally.

Likewise, we see on-line scary tales of scalps being covered in blood by customers using extreme stress. Do not go also tough. You do not require to hemorrhage. The microneedling will certainly function great with lighter stress.

5. Obtain Your Very First Session at a Certified Expert

Among the significant benefits of dermarolling is that you can do it house absolutely free. You may desire to think about obtaining your initial session at a professional.

This will certainly permit you to see if it’s best for you, as well as reveal you the right method to utilize. Pay when, as well as after that do it on your very own, for cost-free, for the remainder of your life.

Usual Blunders

Several Of one of the most typical errors microneedling customers make are:

  • Extreme regularity of dermarolling. As we discussed above, microneedling greater than when each week is not likely to enhance outcomes. Keep in mind that whenever you microneedle you are basically harmful your scalp. You require to provide it adequate time to recover in between sessions. Hair shedding from traction alopecia
  • Poor health This is extremely essential, as inadequate health can result in infections. These will certainly decrease your progression, as you will certainly need to put on hold microneedling sessions up until your scalp heals.
  • Inappropriate method This connects to both the stress as well as instructions of application (reviewed over).
  • Not providing the therapy sufficient time Permit 3 months at a minimum prior to you make a decision if microneedling is best for you. Like all various other loss of hair therapies, microneedling requires time to reveal outcomes. If you anticipate to see a distinction overnight, you will certainly not just be let down however likewise possibly losing out on a therapy that might profit you.


Microneedling is an encouraging therapy that might possibly aid you enhance the general wellness of your hair. In the last few years it has actually become among one of the most prominent therapies in the loss of hair area.

Its significant benefits are that it is very efficient, secure, inexpensive, as well as fairly fast to do. A once-weekly microneedling session need to use up no greater than 30-60 mins of your time.

While you can obtain arise from microneedling by itself, these will certainly be much much better if you integrate it with a topical energizer like minoxidil. For also far better outcomes, you can attempt minoxidil strengthened with finasteride.

microneedling bald patch

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