Jessy Mendiola shows four ways to style short hair

Jessy Mendiola is a 17-year old soccer player who has been on the US Women's National Team since 2015. She was born in Los Angeles, California and first started playing soccer when she was five years old. Her first coach
Jessy Mendiola shows four ways to style short hair

Jessy Mendiola is daring when it concerns styling her hair.

Previously this year, she overhauled her lengthy locks right into a bob that she blonde platinum ice blonde after that grey after that pink.

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On July 7, 2019, the Kapamilya celebrity once more charmed her fans when she disclosed her latest strong appearance through Instagram.

This time around, Jessy went also much shorter than her most recent hairdo with a side-parted pixie reduced that was colored ash blonde.

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The brief coiffure highlighted her toned jawline and also mestiza functions.

Having actually seen these, followers and also various other stars suched as Jessy’s face-lift.

Her sweetheart Luis Manzano said, “Hi!!! [two heart emojis].

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And Jessy has her go-to hairstylist, Antonio Papa, to thank for it.

Antonio is also the creative mind behind the actress’ eye-popping hairstyles in the past.

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You may be admiring the snazzy actress, but never imagined you too can be as stylish as she is.

Maybe, you are hesistant to cut your hair short?

As much as you would want to, thoughts like ” bagay lang iyan sa maliliit ang mukha,” ” men just like ladies with lengthy hair,” or ” mahirap iyan i-maintain at i-style” keep holding you back.

Banish those doubts. Let Jessy’s looks inspire you to level up your everyday style, too.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to dye it.

Here’s how you can rock a short haircut the way Jessy Mendiola does.

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Jessy knows how to add fun to any outfit.

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And it shows with how she paired her salmon pink blazer with hair styled into beach waves.

Beach waves, contrary to its name, is a summer trend that you can wear any season.

It is meant to look a bit messy and at the same time sweet.

What you need though is a perming iron.

Next, part your hair and tie the top portion into a temporary bun then gather a small portion of your hair.

Twirl it around your perming iron, holding it vertically to achieve bouncy waves.

To get that messy look, you must curl your hair in different directions.

Finally, sprinkle hairspray on your curls and scrunch it a bit to add more volume.

jessy mendiola haircut 3 1562759191PHOTO: @senorita_jessy on Instagram

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Jessy’s soft curls were fashioned from the posh hairstyles of old Hollywood.

Achieving this look is easy and can be done in two ways using a curling iron or a set of flexi rods.


First, part your hair and tie the top part into a temporary bun.

Next, gather a section of your hair (around 1-2 inches in width) from the bottom layer then curl the ends using the curling iron.

Make sure that you only curl in one direction, which is towards your face.

Do the same procedure until you’re done with the bottom layer of your hair.

After that, untie the top layer and curl it likewise, focusing only on the tips.

Once done, spray a light layer of hairspray on the curls and let it set for five minutes.

Lastly, tuck the hair behind your left ear then secure it with a barrette or fancy hair clip.

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First, take a section of your hair (two inches in width) then twirl the lower portion around a flexi rod.

Do the same procedure for the rest of your hair then let it dry overnight.

Then, remove the flexi rods the following morning and separate the strands of your hair using your fingers.

Next, secure your curls with a hairspray and let it set for five minutes.

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Finally, tuck the hair behind your left ear and accessorize it with a barrette.

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If you’re in a hurry to go to work or simply feeling laid back, wearing it down can still make you look polished.

The key is to keep it tidy just like Jessy’s.

Use shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type.

After every wash, dry your hair with a towel before combing it. Then use a metal wide tooth comb which can pass through the hair easily without friction, so there’s less pull and less discomfort.

If you have straight hair, blow dry it with a round brush to add more volume.

Then manage your locks and tame flyaways by applying leave-on conditioner.

For those with wavy hair, enhance your natural look by applying a gel, and tousling it with a brush.

Another effortless trick is by parting your hair on the side or opposite from where you usually do.

jessy haircut 7 1562823423PHOTO: @senorita_jessy on Instagram

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Accessories, such as barrette clips or headbands, are among Jessy’s tools in pulling off that natural yet sophisticated look.

It actually is the fastest way to look neat and polished.

Pick a color or design that will match your OOTD or you can make it as one of your signature looks.

jessy haircut 5 1562823538PHOTO: @senorita_jessy on Instagram

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You can also tie your locks in a half-up hairstyle using a scrunchie or a scarf or hair pins.

Lastly, complement your hair with statement earrings that suit your face shape and hair color.

jessy haircut 6 1562823597 PICTURE: @senorita_jessy on Instagram

If you have an oblong face, try to find jewelry that will certainly load the void in between your neck and also jawline. Loopholes, studs, and also decline jewelry will certainly look ideal on you.

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For those with round and also heart designed faces, concentrate on items that will certainly make your face appearance edgier. Opt for geometric jewelry and also light fixtures.

Last but not least, square faces have the largest jawline. Cancel your face form by putting on dangling jewelry that are greatly embellished on the top.

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