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Can you lose weight by just doing surya namaskar? Here’s the real truth

Surya Namaskar is a form of yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years. It can help to lose weight, release tension, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety.
Can you lose weight by just doing surya namaskar? Here’s the real truth

The New Year is here, and we’ve obtained a complete new set of resolutions. There’s one that is still unchanged, and that’s health. The 12 months 2020 taught us the significance of well being and well-being, and we plan on doing the most effective we are able to to realize our objectives this 12 months. That additionally brings us to weight reduction—you will need to eliminate the pointless fats that’s saved in our our bodies as a result of it damages our well being in additional methods than one.

Surya namaskar is a widely practiced Yoga asana and has many health benefits. Image courtesy
Surya namaskar is a extensively practiced Yoga asana and has many well being advantages. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

However what if we barely have time in our arms? Fret not, that’s precisely why we’re massive advocates of surya namaskar. Also called solar salutation in English, this yoga exercise targets your total physique and helps you get match. Simply doing the 12 postures which are part of the routine, together with some warm-up stretches goes to do you a complete lot of excellent. However the massive query is: are you able to drop some pounds simply by doing surya namaskars?

Surya namaskar and its benefits

A Sanskrit phrase, surya namaskar consists of numerous yoga postures that contribute to optimistic bodily and psychological well being. As talked about above, it’s a full-body exercise that varieties the inspiration of energy yoga, and promotes weight reduction. In actual fact, Bollywood beauties Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shilpa Shetty swear by it to remain match and fabulous.

This routine doesn’t simply strengthen your physique and core muscle tissue, but in addition enhances blood circulation, synchronises your respiratory, and retains you in good condition.

Our our bodies are made up of three parts – kapha, pitta and vata, and whenever you apply surya namaskar repeatedly, then all of the three obtain a stability. With consistency, your physique will grow to be extra versatile, your pores and skin will glow, your digestive system will enhance, and also you’ll additionally see an enchancment in your psychological well being.

There isn’t any laborious and quick rule that you should carry out the train within the morning, however be sure to do it on an empty abdomen.

Lose weight with Surya namaskar

The most effective half is you don’t have to go to the gymnasium or do another vigorous workout routines whenever you resolve to carry out surya namaskars repeatedly. All you want is a yoga mat, and you’ll start anyplace. Attempt to meditate earlier than and after the routine to calm your thoughts, and enhance your psychological well being.

Analysis suggests that every spherical of surya namaskar burns near 13.90 energy, and the perfect variety of reps is 12. After all, begin small after which go as much as 12 surya namaskars that can enable you to burn 416 energy. Plus, every spherical takes solely 3.5 to 4 minutes, so preserve an hour apart day by day, and also you’ll see nice outcomes.

Here’s how you can perform surya namaskar

1. Pranamasana (prayer pose)

Stand upright in your yoga mat and place your ft shut to one another. Take a deep breath, increase your chest and preserve your shoulders relaxed. As you inhale, elevate your arms from the aspect and whereas exhaling convey your palms collectively in entrance of the chest within the prayer place.

2. Hasta uttanasana (raised arms pose)

Similar to the prayer pose, preserve your palms joined. Take a deep breath and elevate your arms. Now, barely bend backwards, preserving your biceps near your ears.

3. Hasta padasana (standing forward bend pose)

Bend ahead from the waist whereas respiratory out and preserving the backbone erect. Attempt to contact the ground. As you carry out the pose, exhale slowly and totally.

4. Ashwa sanchalanasana (lunge pose)

Barely bend your knees, in order that your palms can simply relaxation on the ground beside your ft. Take a deep breath and steadily convey your proper knee to the suitable aspect of your chest, and stretch your left leg backwards. Raise your head and preserve trying ahead.

With each movement, slowly you shall workout each part of your body. Image Courtesy
With every motion, slowly you shall exercise every a part of your physique. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock
With every motion, slowly you shall exercise every a part of your physique. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Chaturanga dandasana (plank pose)

Breathe in and convey your proper leg again. Now, each your arms can be proper beneath your shoulders. Ensure that your physique is parallel to the bottom.

6. Ashtanga namaskara (eight-limbed pose)

After chaturanga dandasana, breathe out and steadily convey your knees down in direction of the ground. Place your chin on the ground and preserve hips suspended within the air. Your arms, knee, chin and chest will relaxation on the bottom whereas your hips will stay suspended within the air in case your posture is correct.

7. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Place your leg and midsection flat on the bottom. Place your palms subsequent to your chest. Take a deep breath and apply stress on the arms, elevating your higher physique. Your head and torso will resemble a cobra with a raised hood on this posture.

8. Adho mukha svanasana (downward-facing pose)

Protecting the palms and ft the place they’re, exhale and gently elevate your hip forming a V form with the physique. Straighten your elbows and knees and look in direction of the navel.

9. Ashwa sanchalanasana (high-lunge pose)

Return to the ashwa sanchalanasana pose by bringing the suitable foot ahead whereas preserving the left leg stretched behind and searching ahead.

10. Hasta padasana (standing ahead bend)

Inhale and convey the left foot ahead, in order that it’s subsequent to the suitable foot. Protecting the place of arms intact, exhale and slowly bend the torso and enter the hasta padasana pose.

11. Hasta uttanasana (raised arms pose)

Inhale and elevate the higher physique. Be part of the palms and lift your arms above the top. Bend backwards like in step 2.

12. Pranamasana (prayer pose)

Breathe out and stand straight in a relaxed method. Decrease arms and maintain the palms in entrance of your chest.

Apply surya namaskar for weight reduction repeatedly, and also you’ll see outcomes very quickly!

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