Nail gun doesn't shoot nails, but it does shoot screws.

Pneumatically-driven nailers are basic, trustworthy devices developed to drive thousands of nails everyday for many years– that makes everything the a lot more aggravating if your own quiting working. If your nailer is obstructing, or if absolutely nothing takes place when you shoot, there are numerous actions you can require to fix the trouble. It’s a very easy solution that you can finish on your own. The adhering to ideas are likewise suitable to pneumatically-driven staplers. “Filter Options,” Nevertheless, if fixing stops working, or you’re not comfy detecting troubles or dismantling your nailer, take it to a licensed solution. To discover a licensed SENCO solution facility, see our supplier locator. Look for your postal code, click “Authorized Warranty Service Center” as well as pick “Repair Center.”

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Clear Jams

Jams are usually created when nails feed inaccurately as well as wedge versus the motorist blade, protecting against the device from biking. Jams are one of the most typical reason for a nailer not shooting. The good news is, they are typically simple to clear.

For safety and security, initial separate the device from the air supply, withdraw the feeder system, as well as get rid of any type of excess bolts from the publication. From there, removing the jam relies on what kind of nailer you have. Some devices need the publication to be separated or opened up, or need an unique device to access the nosepiece. Speak with the individual handbook for your certain nailer.“EZ-Clear” Some SENCO nailers include the EZ-Clear ™ lock, which permits you to turn open the nose of the device to clear jams in secs. If you wish to basically get rid of downtime brought on by jams, surf SENCO’s item directory as well as try to find

in the device summary.


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Inspect Your Nails

Jams are generally brought on by filling nails that are the incorrect size, scale, angle or relation kind for the publication. This error is a lot more constant with newbies, yet it can take place to skilled experts also, especially if you have numerous kinds of bolts as well as devices in the store or on duty website. If your device is obstructing often, ensure you are making use of the proper bolt as well as relation kind for your device. If you have actually been making use of the incorrect bolts, clear the jam as well as button to the proper nails.

Check Your Air Supply

Compressor in use

If your device is driving nails, yet they’re not sinking totally, the device most likely isn’t obtaining adequate air. Inspect your compressor, tube as well as installations. Change your atmospheric pressure setups, as well as ensure your compressor appropriates for the kind of device you’re making use of. If the container is also tiny, or if it does not draw sufficient CFM, you will certainly have difficulty driving nails continually with bigger devices like mounting nailers. Furthermore, pay attention for any type of air leaving from the installations. Apply string sealer tape if required.

Refill the Publication

Inspect that there are bolts in the publication. Also if there are still a couple of bolts left, some devices include a lockout system that protects against shooting when the publication obtains reduced. This is to avoid completely dry shooting, which triggers stress on the inner parts of the device. Worse, completely dry shooting can create handiwork mistakes if individuals do not understand they’re shooting spaces. Refill the publication as well as see if the device returns to shooting.

Tidy the Device“hangs up,” If the device is shooting, yet nails aren’t feeding, evaluate your publication. In time, specifically on work websites with great deals of dust as well as sawdust, the publication might come to be filthy as well as the feeder system might stick. Inspect the procedure of your publication by getting rid of bolts as well as gliding the feeder footwear backward and forward. If you discover a location where it

tidy it with tinned air or a nylon brush. Tidy various other relocating components, also– such as the trigger setting up as well as the safety and security actuator on the nose item.

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Change Seals as well as O-Rings

In time, inner seals deteriorate, especially if they aren’t oiled on a regular basis (or are over-lubricated if the device is oilless). If the nailer will not terminate as well as there does not appear to be a jam; if you listen to the drive piston relocating when you tremble the device; or if you listen to a hissing originating from your device’s exhaust air vent or set off, harmed seals are a most likely offender. Individuals that fit taking apart the device can buy brand-new seals as well as o-rings from their regional supplier. Or else, a certified solution facility can fix devices swiftly as well as cost-effectively.

SENCO tool oil on bench


Check for Damages

If none of the above techniques obtain your nailer shooting once more, completely examine the device for damages, such as damages as well as dings in the publication that may create the feeder to obtain stuck. A typical concern is a curved or damaged feeder springtime, brought on by repetitively permitting the feeder to break ahead when filling or dumping the publication. Inspect your trigger setting up, tube installations, nosepiece as well as any type of various other components as well as quit making use of the device if you see any type of damages up until you can obtain it fixed.

Take It to the Solution Facility

If these fixing techniques do not determine the trouble, or you do not really feel comfy making repair services on your own, take your device to a neighboring solution facility or call the supplier’s client service line. They can aid you identify as well as fix so you can maintain your device running efficiently for many years ahead.


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