Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

Shaving does not make hair thicker. It can make it look a little darker and fuller, but shaving will not make your hair grow faster.
Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

Cutting 101

If you wish to get rid of undesirable body hair, whatever elimination approach you pick will typically have some benefits and drawbacks.

On one hand, there’s the pricey and also time consuming choice of laser hair elimination, which can likewise be much more exact and also deal longer-lasting outcomes than various other techniques. There’s shaving, sugaring, or epilating, which each have their benefits and also negative aspects.

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Still, among one of the most usual techniques is cutting with a razor.

While it’s affordable, pain-free (with any luck), and also practical, this approach can cause cuts and also in-grown hairs. Some individuals also think that it causes hair expanding in thicker or darker.

Yet, a scientific test as very early as 1928 discovered that cutting had no result on hair development, according to the BMJ. As well as much more current researches validate that cutting does not impact the density or price of hair regrowth, the very same record discovered.

Professionals discuss the origin of this misconception, why hair looks various after cutting, and also just how to obtain a much better cut, as well.

What does cutting do to hair?

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Cutting does not transform the price of development, shade, or density of hair, according to Annie Gonzalez, MD, a board-certified skin specialist at Riverchase Dermatology in Miami.

“After shaving, the hair follicles continue to grow under the skin, thus causing the hair follicles to become irritated, which may cause irritation, itchiness, or painful red bumps,” she claims. “Shaving incorrectly or razor burn can also cause the skin to itch after shaving.”

Various other cutting negative effects consist of in-grown hairs, cuts, and also acnes.

( Right here’s why we have pubic hair.)

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Does cutting make hair thicker?

Great information: Dr. Gonzalez validates it’s a misconception that cutting makes hair expand back thicker.

“Right after you shave, the tip of your body or facial hair may feel coarse, making the hair appear thicker and darker, but it is not,” she claims. “Cutting part of the hair does not change anything about the regrowth process, and there is no science behind hair growing back thicker or darker after shaving.”

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The act of cutting eliminates the dead section of hair, not the living area existing listed below the skin’s surface area, which is why it does not impact the price or kind of development, according to the BMJ.

After cutting, the hair expands back with a candid pointer and also commonly really feels furry and also crude, which is why it can in some cases show up thicker. And also, the sunlight and also various other chemical direct exposures have not yet lightened the brand-new hair, making it show up darker or thicker.

Thus that’s the beginning of the elegance misconception that hair expands back thicker after cutting.

Could various other hair elimination therapies make hair much less thick?

Yes. Laser therapy decreases hair thickness and also places hair roots in a state of inactivity for a very long time, Dr. Gonzalez claims.

When the hairs expand back, they will certainly be thinner and also better than they would certainly be with various other hair-removal techniques.

Cutting pointers from a professional

Dr. Gonzalez supplies a few of her leading pointers to on just how to cut your legs and also make cutting an excellent experience.

Right Here’s what she suggests:

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  • Shower with warm water since warm water while bathing and also shaving can decrease the skin’s dampness web content, causing dry skin and also irritability.
  • Cut towards hair development where your skin is much more conscious prevent razor bumps, irritability, and also cuts.
  • When cutting, utilize a cream or cutting lotion, wash the razor with water after every stroke, and also ensure to scrub the swimsuit line prior to and also after cutting.

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